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StarkDefi is a DeFi solutions hub, providing everything you need to explore the horizon.

...All-in-one Defi hub for the next generation of


StarkDeFi is a hub for defi solutions on Starknet, looking to improve the adoption of blockchain technology. Starknet provides unlimited possibilities for innovative solutions (Scalability) on the blockchain. Our aim is to facilitate and simplify the onboarding process for the “Next generation user” in the blockchain space with a hub that accommodates a variety of deFi solutions.

Our Products

StarkDeFi distinguishes itself by providing a variety of solutions to leverage Starknet’s scalability and Security.


Boost your Projects liquidity and earn rewards as a liquidity provider with our farming service.


Enable Swaps Effortlessly with our AMM solution featuring zap to simplify liquidity provision.


Our platform provides a seamless experience enabling users to mint Tokens and NFT's in just a few clicks.


Put your money to work with a wide range of staking options to earn rewards.


Shuffle through our locking options to find the best fit for your project, to earn your communities trust.


Give your project a chance to succeed with a Launchpad that provides you with the requisite support.


Deposit funds into our zero loss Synergy pools for a chance to win in our weekly lottery.

StarkDefi V1.0 Development Roadmap

Our roadmap to a new era of defi solutions.


Why Starknet?

Fast Transactions

Starknet uses the zk-rollup technology which provides faster transactions. It uses validity proofs which are generated after the execution of a transaction to verify the transaction before it is recorded on Ethereum mainnet. As such, it does not alter or cancel the time required to receive the confirmation that a blockchain transaction is final, hence, improving transaction speed.

Low Gas Fees

With the zk-rollup technology, starknet can effectively reduce the gas fee cost as it combines multiple transactions into a single one before returning validity proof to the mainnet and recording it. This enables sharing of gas fees with participants, making it a whole lot cheaper.


Users do not have to place their trust in any institution or third party to interact with contracts. You simply have to trust the code which is open source and can be checked and verified.

And more...

Starknet also supports scalability while preserving the security of L1 Ethereum and provides composability, to facilitate easy development and innovation. To know more about Starknet, head over to their website by clicking on “Learn More”.

Patrick Hemming

Patrick Hemming

Iddriss Raaj

Iddriss Raaj

Godsway Annih

Godsway Annih

M.Neslişah Suiçmez

M.Neslişah Suiçmez

Ismail Zak

Ismail Zak

Get To Know The Team

Our abled team consists of experts from across the globe. From Europe to Australia to Africa, we bring diversity and a combined experience of 20+ years in the Blockchain Industry. We are open to your ideas and comments on our implementation and are ever ready to create a solution that is sustainable and scalable. We would love to have a conversation with you. Head over to our discord to get in touch and be a part of the STARKDEFI FAMILY!